€1m in Minor Works Grants for Meath Primary Schools

Regina Doherty announces €1m in minor works grants for Meath Schools

117 primary schools in Meath to receive funding for a variety of improvements

Extra funding for our schools is always good news. I’m happy to report that 117 primary schools in Meath will benefit from approximately €1 million in funding in the form of Minor Works Grants.

How much can schools receive?

The Minor Works Grant will be paid to all primary schools throughout the county next week.
The schools will receive a flat rate of €5,500, plus €18.50 per mainstream pupil, and €74 per special needs pupil attending a special school or special class. The grant is worth €6,425 for a 50 pupil school and over €11,000 for a 300 pupil school. It is estimated that the combined grants will total around €1m in Co. Meath.

What can schools use minor works grant money for?

Schools can use the grant for a variety of school works, including improvements to school buildings and grounds, improvement or replacement of mechanical and electrical services, the purchase of standard furniture and physical education equipment, the purchase of floor coverings and window blinds, and the purchase of IT-related equipment.

Sharing prosperity

The Minor Works Grant will benefit every primary school in the county: rural as well as urban, large as well as small. I am delighted also to see that there will be separate additional funding for each special needs pupil attending. It is part of the Fine Gael approach to opportunity – breaking down the barriers that stop people getting a fair chance. This Government is driving down unemployment, bringing up employment, and using the growing tax revenues to ensure that all parts of Ireland share prosperity and economic growth. The Minor Works Grant is an example of how we share the prosperity.