Employment & Social Protection

Applying for the lump sum winter fuel allowance

Image - Regina Doherty announces Fuel allowance customers can now opt for lump sum payment this winter

Getting more bang for your buck with the lump sum

Coping with cold weather can be difficult, especially for older people or people who have a disability or a long-term illness. Last year, as Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection, I was pleased to introduce the lump sum payment option for the winter fuel allowance. This option allows people to buy in bulk at the start of the winter. This gives people a bit more bang for their buck when buying their fuel.

Deadline to switch is Friday 21st September

For those eligible for the payment, the deadline to switch to lump sum payments for this year is this Friday, 21st September. If you availed of the lump sum payments last year you will automatically be selected for this option again this winter (payments made October and January), if you wish to continue receiving weekly payments then no action is needed.

Another change I was pleased to make was the extension of the fuel allowance by an extra week in last year’s budget. This saw the payment extended from 26 to 27 weeks.

How to apply

To change your payment to two lump sums please fill out and return this form: http://www.welfare.ie/en/pdf/FA_CPF1.pdf

To apply for the winter fuel allowance please fill out and return the form: http://www.welfare.ie/en/pdf/nfs1.pdf