Move Baltrasna back into Ashbourne Local Election Area

Meath's municipal districts - Ashbourne, Ratoath, Navan, Kells, and Laytown-Bettystown

Baltrasna better served in Ashbourne LEA

Having canvassed Baltrasna, and having received multiple representations from residents of the area, it is clear to me that Baltrasna should be moved back into Ashbourne Local Electoral Area (LEA). Local residents want to move back. I haven’t met anyone who wants to stay. They felt better represented by local councillors when they were in the Ashbourne LEA, and it would seem correct that that is where they belong.

I wish to support Baltrasna residents on this issue, and I stand alongside local councillors Alan Tobin and Suzanne Jamal in calling for the Baltrasna reinstatement. Baltrasna was moved out of the Ashbourne LEA and into the Ratoath LEA following the boundary review of 2014.

Boundary Committee Submission

In my submission to the Boundary Committee this week I will make this case. I call on all interested parties to join me on this entry, and make their submission to the Boundary Committee before this Monday’s deadline at 5pm. You can lodge your submission on the Boundary Committee’s Website