Bus Eireann Update – NTA Survey Results

Regina Doherty meets with NTA over Bus Eireann Routes

Survey results highlight issues with Bus Éireann Services

I just wanted to give you a quick Bus Éireann update. I have been in contact with the NTA regarding the ongoing disruption to bus services along the Navan corridor. I know that many of my constituents are struggling to get to work or go about their daily business due to the frequent lapses in bus service. This is simply unacceptable. I have been working to resolve this issue, and I will continue to do so until a reliable service is being provided to Meath commuters.

Meeting with the NTA

I had met with the NTA in mid October and raised the ongoing issues with them. As a result, the NTA undertook a number of surveys along the Navan corridor in order to determine the status of bus services along those routes. These surveys were carried out at three sites over three separate days, using surveyors and videos at each site. Results were then compared to the NTA’s data management system (DMS), automated vehicle location (AVL) data records, and to Bus Éireann daily reports of non-operated services in the Eastern Region.

5.3% of the time, there was no record of a scheduled service recorded by the surveyor, video recorder, or on the DMS record. The NTA have since contacted Bus Éireann with these findings, and are awaiting a response.

NTA calls for significant service improvements

The NTA has since been in close contact with Bus Éireann regarding the current situation. Bus Éireann has been advised by the NTA that unless there are significant improvements, the NTA will need to consider options to ensure proper customer service.

I will continue to work on your behalf to make sure a normal, reliable bus service resumes for Meath commuters.