Proposed BusConnects changes to Dunboyne services

Bus Connects to change the 70 bus to Dunboyne

BusConnects program aims to provide a modern, more efficient transport system

The National Transport Authority have launched a new program, BusConnects, which has designed a new transport network that integrates bus, rail and Luas services to provide a more efficient and modern transport system.

The NTA have proposed a large number of bus route changes that aim to provide more buses to more places. Dunboyne is currently served by the 70 and 270 services provided by Dublin Bus. There have been a number of changes proposed to the services that aim to increase services and frequency, reduce travel times and provide a more efficient transport service.

Proposed changes to Dunboyne services

The changes proposed for Dunboyne under the BusConnects program are:

  • Doing away with the 70 and 270, replacing them with the 264 and 265.
  • Dunboyne and Littlepace will now be served by separate busses, Dunboyne the 264, and Littlepace the 265.
  • Both routes will end in Blanchardstown, where passengers will then have to switch to the ‘B’ route which will then take them directly to the city centre and UCD.
  • The 264 from Dunboyne will operate every 20 minutes during the day, and every 15 during peak hours.
  • The 265 from Littlepace will operate every 40 minutes during the day, and every 20 minutes during peak hours.
  • The B route from Blanchardstown directly to the city centre and UCD will operate every 7.5 minutes during the day and every 5 minutes during peak hours.

New fare structure

BusConnects LogoBusConnects are also proposing a new fare structure that includes a ’90 minute’ fare that’s paid once at the beginning of a trip and allows the passenger to travel unlimited on Dublin Bus, Luas and DART services in that time period. They will also ensure that where passengers have to change routes, there will be shelters and seating at the stops.

Have your say

These plans and proposed changes are now up for public consultation and there are a number of ways you can do this. You can give your views by completing the survey on

In addition, you can send in your submission by email to:

There will also be a Local Information Session on Friday 21st September in Dunboyne Castle Hotel and Spa from 3pm to 7pm.