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Additional €4 million in funds to boost childcare system in Meath

Additional €4 million in funds to boost childcare system in Meath - Regina Doherty

An additional €4million in funding has been made available to boost our childcare system here in Meath. This much needed funding will help continue the process of transforming Ireland’s childcare system from one of the most expensive in the world to the best. Meath’s childcare centres, crèches and other early year services are set to benefit from this funding which will be made available for the purposes of additional childcare places (€3 million), building improvements (€500,000) and natural outdoor play areas (€500,000).

I meet with parents at my weekly clinics in Ratoath who tell me that the financial pinch can be felt right across the board for working parents paying for childcare services. W
e need to ensure that it pays to work. Instances where a parent or family unit has less disposable income at the end of the week when working and paying for childcare, than if they stayed at home to avoid these astronomical costs, is simply not good enough. What is vital is that parents have the choice without being penalised for choosing to work or stay at home.

The delivery of affordable, quality and accessible childcare is a priority for us as a Fine Gael led Government and we will continue to work to ensure the delivery of just that. The funding announcement is in addition to the €3 million recently made available for children of school-going age and will provide a basis upon which the much needed reform in subsidising childcare for families as outlined in Budget 2017. 
I will continue to work alongside the Minister for Children and my other cabinet colleagues with a view to ensuring the progression of robust legislation through the Dáil, allowing parents benefit from these much needed reforms as soon as this Autumn.