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Pensions Reform Plan: Have your say

*Feedback DEADLINE November 4th*

When I became Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection, we discovered that two-thirds of all private sector employees in this country have no workplace pension and are not saving for their retirement. This means that many of these people will see an unwanted drop in their living standards when they retire. This paper is about introducing an Automatic Enrolment (AE) retirement savings system into workplaces to address this issue. When completed, this will be the largest reform of our pensions system in the history of the state.

An important part of this plan is feedback from ordinary citizens about what they want from their pensions system. You can access the full proposal (full or ‘plain english’) version at the links below.

Full: https://www.welfare.ie/en/downloads/Automatic_Enrolment_Strawman_Proposal.pdf

Plain English: https://www.welfare.ie/en/downloads/Plain_English_and_Summarised_Version_of_AE_Strawman.pdf

Responses or queries (with the subject line Public Consultation – AE Submissions) are requested by 4th November 2018 and should be forwarded by email to autoenrolment@welfare.ie  All submissions will be acknowledged.

Thank you.